How to Scout For Models in South Beach

How to Scout For Models in South Beach

South Beach is the style capital of the southeastern U.S. Celebrities, high-rise condos and oceanfront property dominate the city, adding to its
and charm. Not only is it a beautiful city, it's chock-full of beautiful people. Miami is home to all races and ethnicities, giving it a melting-pot atmosphere. Many high-end retail stores, boutiques and modeling agencies are scattered throughout South Beach, making it a prime locale to scout for models. Learn how to scout for beautiful, unique models--South Beach-style.

Things You'll Need:


Business cards

Digital camera

Great outfit

Agency expense account


Hit the streets. There is no better way to scout for beautiful people than to hit the pavement in this tropical paradise. Walking down Ocean Drive on a weekend afternoon is a prime time. You can even scout for models in the evening, as many beautiful people adorn themselves in their best outfits, ready to hit the clubs and restaurants.


Walk on the beach. What better way to pick beautiful, toned models than walking on the sandy Miami beaches? If someone catches your eye, approach her with a smile and give her your card. Request to photograph her and get her contact information.


Visit the hot spots. Head over to the nightlife epicenter, Lincoln Road, and get ready to pass out those cards. This shopping and dining mecca is the playground for the rich, fabulous and beautiful. Take advantage of it.


Go to some nightclubs and check out the lines behind the velvet ropes. Some great choices are Prive, Mansion, Rokbar and Nikki Beach. These are popular hangouts for model types and their friends.


Head into boutique hotels and resorts and scope out the lobbies, bars and lounge areas. Strike up a conversation with any and all model prospects.


Head to the boutiques and high-end shops. There are big-name designer stores all over South Beach, so take your time hunting down models while shopping.

Tips & Warnings

Be determined but always polite and friendly. Simply because someone is gorgeous, it doesn't mean he's interested in modeling.

Never frighten or surprise anyone on the street. Always have your business card or ID ready.