How to Get Rid of a Headache with an Orange

How to Get Rid of a Headache with an Orange

An orange is unique not just because nothing rhymes with it. This succulent fruit can also do amazing things, like relieve pain. You can get rid of a headache with an orange; just follow these steps.

Things You'll Need:



Retreat to a quiet area where you can be alone with your piece of fruit.


Sit comfortably, cupping the orange in your hands like some offering to a glorious god.


Begin to gaze at the orange, making that your sole purpose and concentration in life. Smell it. Caress it. Feel its weight.


Continue to eye the orange, noting the texture of its skin, every nook and cranny, every bump and crater, every smooth turn of its gorgeous shape. Rotate the orange as necessary to get a better view.


Keep staring intently at the perky fruit for at least five minutes or until your headache goes away.


Peel, devour and enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

Stock up on oranges when they are on sale.

Try to do this in a private place so you don’t have people interrupting you and asking what the heck are you doing.