How to Get Rid of a Painful Headache

How to Get Rid of a Painful Headache

Some people get extreme headaches, migraine headaches, others get light headaches. However, headaches often have minor causes, such as tension. Relief of a headache can come quite easily, without having to take any aspirin or other medication. Common herbs and natural home remedies not only bring relief, but also may reduce the annoying painful headache.

Things You'll Need:

Chamomile Tea, or White Willow Bark Tea.

Chewable Vitamin C



Pain Releiving Cream



Make yourself the Chamomile Tea, or the White Willow Bark Tea, as you would make any kind of regular tea.


After the tea is ready, drink it with one Chewable Vitamin C.
If you haven't eating anything for a while, be sure you take at lease one cracker or some non fat yogurt, just to make sure you have at lease something inside your stomach.


Press your two index fingers where you feel the headache pain, one finger on each side of your head, this is called acupressure. Close your eyes and concentrate on the painful headache, as if you were shivering from when you're cold. Concentrating the headache easing away from your head.


Apply some Pain Relieving Cream onto where you feel the pain, lay down for a while and meditate, thinking only on you feeling much, much better. You need to really, really believe this will help ease the headache away from you.

Tips & Warnings

If you don't have any vitamin C, you can drink some orange juice, orange fruit, cherries, or anything that has got vitamin C in it.

Make sure you have at lease one cracker, or some non fat yogurt. if you didn't eat any thing for a while, before you drink the tea with the vitamin c first.

If you ate something already before, you need not to worry about taking the cracker nor the yogurt first at all.

If you want to eat the yogurt also anyway, it will not hurt you at all.