How to get rid of a wart

How to get rid of a wart

Warts can be a bother to conceal and cause emotional and mental stress. Here are some simple techniques for getting rid of these pesky fungi.

Things You'll Need:

duct tape

nail polish


razor blade


There are a variety of ways to rid yourself of warts. You can visit a dermatologist and have him/her burn or freeze them off. The problem with this method is that it can be painful and expensive.


A cheaper and virtually painfree alternative would be to apply a strip of duct tape over the entire wart. Cover the area with a fleshtoned band-aid. Replace the duct tape every day, or as needed. You should notice your wart shrinking within a day or so. It will likely take up to two weeks for it to disappear.


A quicker method is to paint the entire wart and surrounding area with clear nail polish. Re-apply the polish twice a day or as needed. The fungi will essentially suffocate, as they cannot survive without oxygen.


A final suggestion, but not for the weak of stomach, is to soften the affected area by soaking in warm salt water. Then drying the area and gently using a rasor blade to cut off the top layer of the wart. You should continue this process until the offending fungi is gone. Use extreme caution when trying this technique. Razor blades are very sharp and should be sterilized before touching and after touching your skin.

Tips & Warnings

Wash your hands well with antibacterial soap before and after using any of these methods. The wart fungus can spread very rapidly, especially if the wart is compromised with a razor blade.

Always use clean instruments.

Consult a doctor before trying any of these methods on sensative areas that are affected by warts.