How to get rid of a headache with crystals!

How to get rid of a headache with crystals!

Do you have a headache but hate putting all that harmful medicine into your body. Taking 2 Aspirin a week (tylenol, advil, bayers, etc.) has now been found to actually raise your risk of heart attack. So use this ancient method, that takes the headache away, and feels pretty good too.

Things You'll Need:

Rose Quartz (you probably want a tumbled one)

Your Hands

(peppermint oil if you want)


Grab the rose quartz, and rub peppermint oil on it to make it glide easier (if wanted)


Lay back, and rub the rose quartz on your forehead. From Temple to Temple, just sit back and feel the relieving power of the crystal, and feel it suck out the negative energy and tenseness.


Get back to everyday life now headache free.

Blessed Be.

Tips & Warnings

Peppermint Essential Oil will also help you get rid of the headache.

(If you use peppermint essential oil, avoid getting it in the eyes, and do not ingest.